Lost Boys

The Lost Boys are a “Rebel” cell of kids and teens of which Trinity Tavers is a key member. The cell is mostly made up of of kids from broken homes caused by the Imperial occupation in various ways. While not a credible threat to the Empire themselves, they are looked on favorably by a number of people in their communities who tend to want to look out for them. They do have a fairly broad network of street level contacts from whom they are able to scrounge occasionally useful information as well as leftovers for dinner.

They tend to hole up in temporarily shuttered warehouse buildings in the Merchant District. From these they hatch their schemes of petty theft and minor annoyances against the Empire.


Dante – Dante is the oldest of the Lost Boys at 15, and the defacto leader of the gang when Trinity is not around. He has spiky black hair with red strips in it, is fairly tall and athletic and wears a mix of street cloths and faux tribal gear. He is brash and headstrong and tends to be much more serious and ready for action than the rest of the kids.

Thud Bolt – Thud is a rather portly kid with a mess of curly brown hair. He’s slow moving and always gets caught in the worst situations. That’s why he is typically left behind to take care of the home base. He’s incredibly brave in defense of his friends and is often teased over his obvious crush on Trinity.

Toot – Toot is the youngest of the Lost Boys, at around 9 years old, and the most easily overlooked. His name is a joke as he never speaks and is rarely heard except for one time the gang had to live on nothing but beans for two days and the only sound they’d ever heard from him was his tooting. Typically sullen looking with deep set brown eyes, swarthy skin and short greasy black hair. When he does communicate it is by typing out messages on a datapad he carries with him. He’s good at spying and getting into tight spaces.

Sooner and Later – These twin brothers are named for the penchant they have of one of them always starting a sentence and the other finishing it. They are tall, but lanky and both have mops of bright red hair. They are eager to carry out orders and help out in whatever way they can.

Trinity Tavers – Leader of the Lost Boys, which is ironic since a boy she isn’t. Still she had the most street cred as her mom is a “hero of the rebellion”, so she easily impressed the gang and edged out Dante for the loyalty of the group. Still he calls the shots when she isn’t around, and she will often treat him as a co-leader or defer to him to keep him from causing a rift.

Lost Boys

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