Guide to Grenades

I’ve been doing some research and found the following info, which I believe will be beneficial to our crew.

Combat – Course 1: Guide to Grenades

Of all weapons, grenades are some of the more versatile options available.

Of course, those with extensive training in short range combat with ranged (light) weapons (I’m talking to you RayL’Za and Rictor) would benefit the most. Having some strategy can also help for those of you less inclined to combat (N’aila and Flip) if you familiarize yourself with the weapon. Hell, even Castro can do it – you don’t always need terrific throwing skills.


Of particular interest, some of these specialized weapons can be used against non-living targets:

  • The Inferno model, can be used to cause mass chaos as a firestorm erupts nearby – might be good for a distraction.
  • The Glop grenade can be used to temporarily encase something important (i.e. a comlink, keycard, etc) for about 5 minutes — pursuers would need to bust through concrete-like instant hardening foam stuff to get at what they need if they can’t wait.
  • If we need to get through a security lock fast or destroy computer data/equipment faster than Flip can slice through it, the Ion grenade might do the trick.
  • There’s always the AP (armor piercing) option of creating your own exit door or blowing up a vehicle/transport efficiently (place it near the power cell).
  • Not that you’d want to waste it, but a Thermal Detonator can take out an entire structure (with or without occupants) if necessary.

Of course, stun grenades can always be used on livestock, creatures, or non-combatants in close quarters/narrow corridors to create a living blockade – slowing pursuers as they must still push through to get to us.

Guide to Grenades

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