Edge of the Empire - Under the Heel

Onderon Fights Back - Session 1

Mommy Issues!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Onderon Episode 3

A Daring Plan

With the help of Ly’leth and her Beast Riders, the crew has intercepted an Imperial shuttle bearing prisoners to Imperial Forward Base B-105.

With shuttle and disguises they gain swift entry to the base. An officer and guard escort them to the detention block, the ambush is sprung and Nicto Brassa, Rictors childhood friend and last remaining member of Melanah’s Crazy Eight’s is freed.

Melanah is missing! The group quickly rearms itself from the nearby armory while Rictor hacks a terminal to obtain the location of his mother. The download trips a built in protection mechanism and intersystem access is cut! Even worse for the crew, it has triggered a blaring alarm. How long before the entire base is on top of them?

So, here we are again. Rictor has gone and gotten us into another fine mess. Luckily for him, he ships with the Ander’s Gang and Flip and me, well we’re experts in turning a frown upside down.

Here’s the situation:
We get ourselves into the base and break a rebel out from the detention block. This bloke looks completely barmy. He has a gleam in his eye like a mad bomber and the scars on his hands and boat to match.
Well, it turns out that the geezer that we sprung is a mate of Rictor and his mom. The geezer, Nicto, was part of her group and was with her when she was picked up by the simps.
We take him with us and whaddya know, they went and put an armory right next to the prisoner cells. Can you believe that the stoopa simps went and put guns and bombs next to the cells. It was probably to make it convenient for any escapees to arm themselves to the teeth during their jail break.

The outwardly violent members of the team are treating the armory, as if it is a shopping trip to Santa’s grotto. Meanwhile, whilst trying to hack the computers to look for his mom, Rictor trips an alarm and alerts the entire base to our presence. Luckily he manages to download the base schematics, just before being locked out, this at least gives us an idea of where his mother may be.

Within a minute or so, the simps are on us like flies round a Bantha’s shebhole. I run into the corridor and tell them that I have them trapped in the armory and I need a squad to move up. This alerts us to another squad that was hidden from view.

The new guy tosses a smoke grenade down the corridor to obscure the enemies vision. Then the simp squaddies move forward and start shooting, but these aren’t the normal useless Storm Troopers, they are even more useless Tie pilots. LOL. They provide an entertaining light show before Rayl’za and Kirex rip through them like Ex-Lax.

We are now fully on the move, the Tie pilots are fighting gallantly, losing, but doing it gallantly. I call in to Korin to let her know the operation has gone tits up. She says her and the Beastie Boys are beginning Operation Stalag Luft, to get us a way out.

A quick look at the map on the data pad has us going up a floor, so we pile into the turbo lift and Rayl’za pushes the button. Kirex uses her mumbo jumbo to tell us that there are a whole passel of guards waiting for us when the door opens. The others grit their teeth, while I crouch in a … well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a fetal position, it was more like a fetal crouch.

As we expected, there were some guys waiting to use the elevator, they seemed put out that we were using it and tried clearing it by filling it with blaster fire. Obviously we sent a couple of well aimed grenades at them, as a way of showing our displeasure, thinning their ranks considerably in the process. At this point I have to admit that I lost track of what was going on, on account of me still being in a ball, eh, battle crouch at the back of the elevator.

The others filled me in on what went on and the amount of times that they each mentioned the word heroic, when describing their actions, led me to believe that they were exaggerating a smidgen. The FNG, Nicto told me about a plasma grenade and while I did see the molten pool of men and heavy repeating blaster, or HRB, on the ground, I also saw the scorch marks on the crates of Tie Bomber munitions. I’ll have to watch that one. he likes the boom boom too much, yes I mean it both ways.

I eventually left the lift, only when there was a definite lull in the fight – for sure. Rictor and I headed into the power room. I shouted at him to hack into the computer and shut down the power to the elevators. He mentioned something about security and how it would take him a few minutes. I told him that if he wasn’t a cyber-warrior, then he could always be a straight up warrior. He took one look at the blaster burns on Rayl’za and Kirex and went back to pounding the keyboard, muttering to himself about how he was self-taught and a mental giant.

The Simps were counter-attacking now and we were holding them at bay, just.
Rictor shouted at the top of his lungs, I could barely hear him over the din of the battle. It sounded something like, “All your base are belong to us!”, I guess that meant he was in the system.
SHUT DOWN THE CRINKING ELEVATORS!” I shouted down the comms.

“Done.” he called back. “What’s next?”

At this point I feel the heat of a mass of blaster bolts passing behind me. “What the Kark was that?” I call over the comms. I hear Kirex howl with agony and fury in response, “they have another HRB set up in the gangway and it just lit me up!”

“Get behind cover and fark it up then.”

At this point there’s a deep rumbling sound, then whole base shudders, so I know it wasn’t just me soiling myself. Either Korin’s gang is somehow bombing the base, or more likely the simps have just mobilized their AT-AT to face down her crew.

In the time it has taken me to realize that I have not yet soiled myself, Flip has somehow taken ownership of the second gunnery crew’s HRB. Not only does he have it, but he somehow carried it all the way back down the hall and was lighting them up along with the squad of simps behind them! Things were finally falling into place…


Excellent job as usual Mr. Hardy. +5 EXP

Onderon Fights Back - Session 1
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