Melanah Ninx (A.K.A. Melania Trump)


Rictor’s mother, Melanah took the opposite path of her husband after the loss of their son’s. It broke up their marriage and she formed a local rebel cell along with Rictor’s sister Trinity and several others. She convinced her ex-husbands half brother Gary Frey, to throw nominal support behind the activities of her group and then the Alliance once she met Korin Vellasi and merged her group with them.

Melanah’s cell, the Crazy Eights, was first captured by the Empire while performing an equipment “pickup” just like all the others that had been arranged by Gary Frey. He could not risk getting caught sending them supplies and weapons directly, so he would on occasion tip them off through Carh’la when he knew security schedules would leave guarded stockpiles of goods relatively undefended. The group would then hit them, and make off with what they could. They tried this one too many times, the Empire had caught on to the pattern, though not who was in on it and they were ready for them when they planned their next heist.

The group was captured and brought to an Imperial detention facility for interrogation to find out who their co-conspirators were. Dak found out about his ex-wife’s capture after he came under scrutiny by his superiors and was questioned. He pieced together that his boss Gary and ex sister-in-law Carh’la were likely the ones helping out Melanah and her friends. Not wanting to see his entire family taken down by this he tipped off Gary as to where Melanah was being detained in exchange for his promise to cease all rebel support. Carh’la was able to tip off another of Melanah’s contacts about the capture.

Soon after Korin Vellasi hit the detention center with a small force of her own and freed the Crazy Eights, before disappearing back into the jungle. Melanah resurfaced weeks later and approached her husband. She both wanted to thank him and also to beseech him to use his position to help the rebels out, thinking he was coming around because of the help he gave them. He told her that he still loved her and wanted his family back more than anything and he would help however he could.

She was captured again shortly after along with the surviving members of the Crazy Eights while waiting on a secret shipment of weapons and medical supplies from off planet. Aside from Korin and the Crazy Eights, Dak was the only one who knew about this pickup. He had supposedly used his authority and access to information to feed her a safe place for the meet.

Melanah Ninx (A.K.A. Melania Trump)

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