Korin Vellasi


Korin was a little kid at the time of Order 66. She was found by a man named Kyle Katarn, a former Imperial officer of rank who had fallen in with the Rebel Alliance, about a decade ago. Her village on a little known planet named Syndovin in the Outer Rim, was being used as slave labor to mine a rare mineral needed to feed an secret Imperial research project. The project had completed research stages and the Empire was in the process of purging anyone alive who could speak to it. Kyle was on a mission with his copilot Jan Ordys to sabotage the project, he stopped a defiant Korin from being gunned down along with her family.

After he and Jan blew the entire facility housing the project to the stars, he took Korin in having sensed her connection to the Force. He himself realized he had a connection to the Force as a young cadet, but he only truly tapped into his potential after finding his way to the Jedi path with knowledge he found in an ancient Jedi temple during one of his missions. He taught her what he could of their code, of their skills and abilities and he also introduced her to his contacts in the alliance. He died alongside his companion Jan Ordys, stopping another top secret Imperial project known as the Dark Trooper Project shortly after the Battle of Yavin. It was then that Korin committed herself fully to the Rebel cause.

Korin Vellasi was sent to Onderon by Alliance Sector Commands Captain Akbar after Alliance Intelligence found out the planet was being used to produce much of the needed weaponry and equipment to support the Empires efforts in this quadrant of the galaxy. Her mission was to find existing unrest, insurgent operations or potential rebel operators, fan the flames and organize their efforts.

Here she quickly fell in with Melanah Ninx who had already been running an underground resistance of Onderonians tired of the iron hand of the Empire. It was not a hard sell to convince Melanah and her resistance fighters to join forces with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Their collaboration and early victories against the Imperial forces on Onderon have now sparked a flame among those in the know on Onderon. With a little more fanning they hope to turn that spark into a raging firestorm that can stand up to and tear down the Imperial operations on Onderon.

Melanah’s recent capture by the Empire has stalled the progress they had been making. Korin had become aware of a secret Imperial spy installation being run by a local, Moff Durando, who was spying on rival Moffs in order to gain political advantage over them. Her plan was to take over this base with the remainder of her Rebel force and use the spy network Moff Durando had already set up to find out where Melanah and her crew were being held and free them. Little did she know the crew of the Wayfarer NC-17 would beat her there and practically clear the way for them to take over. Even more surprising was one of them being Melanah’s runaway son, Rictor. Suddenly, things were looking up.

Korin Vellasi

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