Kirex Kael

Force Sensitive Bounty Hunter on the run and looking for revenge!

  • BH License # 45968M42-322L.6
  • Imperial Registration License # 8634-82V57-X3U-355IP8.326K4
  • - C 7 unrestricted
  • - inbound D/A

Kirex grew up on Telos (right in the path of the Hydian Way trade route), was recognized for superb military proficiencies, and found her way into the royal guard (elite branch of the military). Friends and colleagues often attributed this to Kirex having good luck, but it was really just manifestation of the Force (which Kirex didn’t recognize at all).

When the Imperials started snooping around Telos, for whatever reasons, they also tend to keep an eye out for any force sensitives, as these would be either executed or turned/trained in the dark powers of the force.

A trusted mentor, recognizing Kirex’s “luck” for what it really was, snuck her off-world before Kirex’s force powers were discovered, hooking her up with the Skyne Bounty Hunter College (not really a school, but a weirdly-named Bounty Hunter guild known for taking private and corporate bounties over Imperial bounties). With her military background serving as the base skills, Kirex was a natural.

She met up soon after with the Anders brothers and has been running with them doing odd jobs since.

Kirex’s Sheet

Kirex Kael

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