Edge of the Empire - Under the Heel

Onderon Fights Back - Session 4

Delivering the Pain

On the back of our marvelous display in rescuing Rictor’s mom – Melanah “The Minx” Ninx urged us to help them with their cause. I was reluctant at first, but had a sudden thought that my resume would look awesome with Freedom Fighter tagged to the bottom. It was a potential gold mine of opportunities and we could get filthy rich running supplies for the rebels. I put it to a team for a vote and we all agreed that playing rebel soldiers would work until something better came along.

Our first mission was to disrupt the Imperial Naval ships in close orbit and roving patrol of the Onderon system. The plan called for us attack the Onderon system space hub that doubled as planetary cargo hub for large freighters and a first security check to gain entry to the planet below. This would then cause the two


Locke42 ghardy746

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