He's not just the President of IsoTech, he's a member!


A blue skinned Twi’lek male with an average appearance. Not one to dress fancy he often wwears jumpsuits and dark gray cloaks, common attire for the locales where he would go. He is typically armed with a datapad, a heavy blaster pistol, a tool kit, a utility belt, and a vibroknife, as well as his pet, a bogwing named Mordekai.


The president of Isotech, inheriting the business from his father Ropok. He is a talented smuggler, crafty entrepreneur, and superb negotiator. He has contacts throughout the galaxy, including powerful figures in the underworld. Reom handles IsoTechs outer rim operations, particularly new acquisitions and allies.

His sister Shira assists him by maintaining the organizations Mid Rim operations.


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