Beast Rider Captain


Ly’leth has wild, firery red hair to match her fiery temper. She’s got a deep scar that runs from one cheek to the other across the bridge of her nose, obtained while taming her first Ruping mount. Still, that does not do much, indeed it might just enhance her rugged appeal. She is harsh with outsiders, until they prove themselves, but she is deeply devoted to friends and family.

In battle she wears leathers adorned with bone spikes and plates and wields a blade that has a built in capacitor that can heat it to several thousand degree’s, enough to cut and melt through just about anything.


Ly’leth is one of the Captains of the Beast Rider’s of Zulu Camp. She is an ally of Korin Vellasi, who has been courting the Beast Rider’s as allies against the Empire for some time now. The takeover of Whisper Base – Rebel Spy Outpost was the final nail in the coffin that convinced the elders of Zulu Camp to commit at least some of their people to the cause against the Empire on Onderon. Before this there just was not enough to convince them that the Empire truly could be hurt and what was the point of sending their people to slaughter? Especially since most of Onderon has thought them gone since the end of the Clone Wars.

Ly’leth played a large part in swaying that final decision as her father Bromm is one of the main Elders on their clans council. Her belief in Korin and the takeover of Whisper Base convinced her to plead on the Rebels behalf.


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