Gunther Tavers (R.I.P.)

Storm Trooper turned to space dust in the Death Star explosion. Brother of Rictor Tavers.


Gunther initially was no more happy about the Imperial occupation and co opting of Onderonian industry than the rest of his family. As an impressionable youth, however, he became involved COMPNOR’s (The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order) Empire Youth program. Though his parents disapproved, he was defiant and thought that the best thing for his planets independence and the galaxies best shot at stability and peace was to support the Empire in quickly establishing authority and control across the known galaxy. Once that was accomplished and there was no more resistance or wars to be fought, peace would return and places like Onderon would resume their place in the galactic economic landscape.

Once he was of age he signed up for service in the Imperial Army and scored so well he was drafted directly into the Stormtrooper Corps. He excelled and rose quickly through the ranks, though he always remembered to send messages home especially to encourage his younger siblings Rictor and Trinity. He had just been appointed captain of his platoon when he was atomized aboard the exploding Death Star.

Gunther Tavers (R.I.P.)

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