Flip "Wildcard" Anders

The other half of the fabulous Anders brothers. No, seriously, who are these guys? His quick wits with computers and deft handling of the controls of the ship have gotten the crew out of several sticky situations.


A word from Flip:

“Growing up in the dregs of Nar Shadaa wasn’t easy, the years were precious few before times got tough.
We had a mother, Gemma, I’d like to say she was beautiful and kind but over the years it’s gotten more
difficult to remember her face. No father really to speak of. The only constant has been my brother
Castro, always there to pull me out of the fire.

We never stayed in one place too long. We chummed around with a few crews in those days, the
Salacious Bums, Sons of Entropy, the Chadra Cans, etc., but whenever we started to make friends it
seemed Castro would always say it was time to move on. He said I’d get myself killed one of these days
if I kept trying to show off to every kriffing stupa and schutta we met.

All the same, Castro was always the smarter one, we might never have left Nar Shadaa if not for his gift
at wheeling and dealing. He got us our first few smuggling gigs even though we weren’t nearly qualified.
The learning curve was steep, but we always managed to ride the wave. One day at a time, for every
defeat a new opportunity.

Life moves fast on the edge of the galaxy, if you don’t keep up you get ground up, and if you ask me well
I’ll tell you that the Anders brothers are the fastest motherkarkers this side of the Kessel Run."

Flip’s Sheet

Flip "Wildcard" Anders

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