Genius cyberneticist working with IsoTech aboard the ISO-One.


Cratala is a near human member of the Arkanian race. Although in her mid forties she is still vital and attractive appearing to be no more than thirty years old. She has long stark white hair, like most Arkanians, that she typically keeps tied up and out of her face. She has one milky white eye, the other eye has been replaced by a sky blue orb set within an golden framework that has circuitry running in lines along her scalp and down one cheek.


The Arkanian was once a leading cybernetics designer and researcher in the Republic. Her reputation as a burgeoning genius caught the attention of Chancellor Palpatine’s personal medical research staff who recommended she be ordered to join it. Cratala hated Republic corruption and decried being drafted into service. The Chancellor’s staff wouldn’t take no for an answer, and attempted to abduct the Arkanian with the rest of her department. She fled with her assistants and defected to the CIS.

Recognizing her skills, the Separatists set her up with a lab and a small staff on a deep-space station near the Salvara system in the Mid Rim, working on improved droid-cyborg integration for the battlefield. When CIS forces collapsed at the end of the war, her friendship with Captain Harsol ensured her rescue along with her staff. They escaped to the Outer Rim and crash landed on the jungle planet of Cholganna where the survivors remained in a small encampment for over 18 years before rescue by the crew of the Wayfarer NC-17.

Cratala is a highly intelligent researcher and designer. She is tough and holds her ground politically. Before being rescued by the group she made the best of her isolation on Cholganna and remained dedicated to her research. Her designs are part genius. part ancient knowledge. She has long-forgotten Old Republic cybernetics research data that she combines with her own skills. She greatly fears Imperial arrest, since she believes she will be taken before the Emperor himself in order to answer for her defection and actions against the former Republic.

She now works as the chief cyberneticist and doctor for IsoTech aboard their mobile headquarters the ISO-One.


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