Captain Rel Harsol

Originally Captain of the legendary Sa Naalor, now working for IsoTech as Captain of the Blockade Bandit.


Captain Harsol is an old soldier in his mid fifties. He is battle hardened and scarred, but fit despite his age. He keeps his head shaved close, and has several jagged claw marks that run down his cheek and over his chiseled jaw-line.


Captain Rel Harsol is a career naval officer who rose through the ranks of the Republic fleet. Several years before the Clone Wars. he served on the bridge of a popular Senator’s personal cruiser. There he saw the Senate’s corruption firsthand, as the Senator made deal after deal to further his own wealth, power, and status. Although a native of Coruscant. Harsol jumped at the chance to defect to the Separatist fleet at the start of the Clone Wars. For a time, Harsol served aboard General Grievous’s flagship, the Invisible Hand. He later won a promotion to command the Sa Nalaor.

Captain Harsol foresaw the fall of the CIS and planned his escape. He forged a friendship with Cratala, the leader of the cybernetics facility his ship guarded. As they both had reason to fear Imperial arrest, they hatched a plan to flee to the Outer Rim. Harsol used his Separatist underworld connections to make a deal with a tech supply company owned by a Twi’lek named Ropok. Harsol sent him his protocol droid, IT-3PO, to develop their black-market scheme. Harsol also arranged to have his ship transport as many credits and other forms of CIS wealth as he could, “for safe-keeping,” by intercepting and holding funds and resources intended to keep the cybernetics lab going as the war turned against the Separatists

Captain Harsol is a battle-hardened veteran of many fleet engagements. Since the crash on Cholganna, his no-nonsense practical sensibilities enabled the survivors to set up a successful settlement. He learned to combat Cholganna’s dangerous creatures, and still proves himself an adept fighter at fifty-five years old.

However, Harsol had always been fearful of eventual discovery by the Empire. He believed the survivors of the Sa Nalor would be imprisoned or wiped out for their past “crimes,” real and perceived, against the former Republic. After so many years of isolation, his fear had developed into full-fledged paranoia and led him down a dark path. His fierce protection of the survivors, once reserved for outside threats. had turned increasingly inward on the group. He acted swiftly and harshly against any threat, not understanding that each action further isolated him from the survivors.

This made it easy for the crew of the Wayfarer NC-17 to sway the survivors to their side. Ultimately they were able to convince Harsol to cooperate with them and get him and his people off planet and into the arms of IsoTech. He has decided to stay on as captain of the Blockade Bandit, the Corellian Corvette that the crew of the Wayfarer NC-17 helped Reom and the remnants of IsoTech flee Raxus Prime in.

Captain Rel Harsol

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