•  Castro Anders

    Castro Anders

    One half of the fabulous Ander's brothers. Where did these guys come from anyway? Slick, perhaps a bit to much so for his own good. Still he keeps the crew out of lockup if not out of trouble.
  •  Flip "Wildcard" Anders

    Flip "Wildcard" Anders

    The other half of the fabulous Anders brothers. No, seriously, who are these guys? His quick wits with computers and deft handling of the controls of the ship have gotten the crew out of several sticky situations.
  •  Kirex Kael

    Kirex Kael

    Force Sensitive Bounty Hunter on the run and looking for revenge!
  •  RayL'Za


    Raised in the arena of Teemo the Hutt before being freed with the aid of his new family, Ray saw a tough life. Luckily his new family provides him with plenty of outlets for his Wookie rage.
  •  Rictor


    Until recently an Imperial sympathizer. His adventures with the crew of the Wayfarer NC-17 have shown him the galaxy isn't so black and white as he had thought.