Edge of the Empire - Under the Heel

Onderon Fights Back - Session 2

Brown Trouser Moment

A Daring Plan Cont…

We were starting to feel like our harebrained plan was going to work.
I should have known better. There is an old Bothan saying that goes something like, “If you feel like everything is going your way, then you are probably being fattened for the slaughterhouse”, well that certainly was the way it went for us.
We had beaten back the attacks, but didn’t realize that it was only the first wave. Rictor had opened the nearby jail cells and a couple of beaten down rebels cautiously exited. I shouted to them to pick up a couple of blasters from the dozens that littered the floor.
“You two are on rearguard, make sure you stop all threats from the back of us.” I called to them. They nodded assent.
The next order of business was to keep pushing forward. Rictor had shouted a warning that the base hackers were trying to override the lockouts, and power outages that he had wreaked on them. It was only a matter of time before we we overrun by simp squaddies.
As we were quickly coordinating our next moves, the blast door behind the armory opened and more simp Stormtroopers, accompanied by a Royal Guard charged out.
They pretty much insta-wiped the two rebels handling the rear guard. I never cared enough to ask them their names, well, at least they died with a blaster in their hands and protected our shebs.
That ended the planning session and all of us, except Ray, started legging it down the corridor, hopefully towards Rictor’s old dear.
Ray planted a thermal detonator in the power room and then joined us in . Once past the blast doors, Rictor set about closing them, to protect us from the blast and secondary explosions from the ships ordnance armory that was adjacent to the power room.
The resulting firework display was no doubt fantastic, if viewed from afar, but let me tell you, from ground zero, it took all my self control to not crap myself.

Note to self: Do not let anyone blow up a building, if you’re still in the bloody building.

I was still clearing my head and counting my teeth, from the concussive effect of the explosion. Ray and Kirex though, had the bit between their teeth and were pushing forward. They ran into a simp ambush, it was only a couple of squads, so no problem, right?
Suddenly, I hear a blood curdling howl of Wookie rage, a lot of terrified screaming, and then an eerie silence settle over the base for what seemed like minutes. In reality it was only a few seconds, but it was a welcome respite, however long it was.
There was still a couple of simp droids to take care of, but then news came to me that Kirex had rescued Rictor’s mum. She shot an interrogator in the face at point blank range, so, yeah well that was terrifying, but she had her hands on the package, eh — Rictor’s mum.

So, we were good, right?
The fact that the end credits weren’t rolling was causing me some consternation.
Then Kirex shouted over the radio that she was feeling a huge wave of dread slamming into her.
I had no idea what I was supposed to do with that information, but I steeled myself to crap my pants for real this time.
I heard a muted squeal from Kirex’s comms, followed by an urgent whisper. “I think that the ”/characters/inquisitor-ferus" class=“wiki-content-link”>Dark Jedi has showed up!"
That would explain the dread she felt. “”/wikis/how-to-curse-in-the-star-wars-universe" class=“wiki-page-link”> Shab, really?" I reply.
“Well this really scary looking dude landed on the walkway ahead of me, he leaped up from several levels below.”
“Are you sure it is him.”
“I haven’t done a DNA check on him yet, but YES, I am pretty crinking sure that it is he.”
“Has he seen you yet?”
“Not yet— no wait, scratch that. Shab, he just looked at me.”
The Dark Jedi coolly surveyed his surroundings, then looked directly at Kirex. His two scary purple colored lightsabers blazed into life and he uttered. “You’re not the one I’m looking for.”
The menace of each word stabbed at Kirex’s core and I could hear her hyperventilating over the comms. “He i-is l-looking for Korin.” She stammered.
“Tell him that she’s outside.” i shout down my mic at her, then hastily add. “And give him a description of what she looks.”

To be continued…


Another fine job. Thank you Glenn!

Onderon Fights Back - Session 2
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