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Onderon Session 2.5

The in between stuff

Roughly two weeks pass between when we last left off and when we pick up again. In that time you’ve assisted Korin Vellasi and her Rebels in taking over the Imperial Spy Facility you raided in Session 2 and making it “home”. As it turns out Korin was after the facility as it is a secret from most of the Imperial forces on Onderon at this point and it’s communication equipment is explicitly set up to spy on Imperial communications, already having their current encryption keys. Moff Durando’s mistake has most certainly been your boon.

Korin was surprised to meet another individual gifted in the Force. Kirex was likewise surprised to find a mentor to teach her about her inborn abilities that have had her on the move and running from the Empire for the past several years. Many hours are spent between them discussing the Jedi ways of old, their code and more importantly learning about the Balance of the Force and beginning to harness the true potential of Kirex’s abilities. The fact that their innate talents are so similar gives them much common ground to work from and Kirex proves a quick study.

In the meantime Korin’s Rebels and any interested crew members keep an ear on Imperial communications. It is quickly intuited from coded communications that Rictor’s mother Melanah and the surviving members of her cell, The Crazy Eights, were being held at Imperial Forward Base B-105. This is the home ground of the Imperial Armies 105th Battalion. Surrounded by a web of garrisons in the surrounding jungles and mountain range, it itself is built into a large mountain spire abutting the jungle. Imperial Forward Base B-105 is one of the outlying bases of the main Imperial Ordinance Center Jyreene Base.

How to get into an Imperial Base housing potentially hundreds of Imperial Troops at any given time was a daunting question. Luckily a communication was recently intercepted indicating a scheduled transfer of Imperial prisoners from a garrison in Iziz to Forward Base B-105’s for detention and interrogation. The Imperial Shuttle transporting them would make a much easier target and provide a perfect opportunity to obtain disguises and a open door into Forward Base B-105.

NOTE: If anyone would like to add what your characters are up to in the two weeks just let me know.


Good summary Mike.
Do we have the equipment and weapons purchased during the character re-writes at the start of the next adventure?

I also have a comment on game play.
We all have our specialties, some of them are pure combat based and others are non-combat.
My specialty is as the team’s face, which is the attention whore of all groups.
I interact with the NPCs that we encounter along our travels and all of that chit chat can take a very long time, translating to hours of tedium for those not directly engaged.
I suggest that we all become engaged in these chat sessions, as we are a team and all have an equal voice.
I have only one caveat, if we can please think before we speak, lest you sabotage the rest of the group’s goals.
If your character has a disagreement with something we are discussing, then by all means speak up and interact with the conversation. Just don’t torpedo the interaction for shits and giggles. An idly tossed comment may scupper the best laid plans of the entire group, which would be the tantamount to me shooting you in the back during a fight with hostile forces.
Let’s all join in and try to have fun in all aspects of the game and I will try not to hog the spotlight in the NPC interactions.

Onderon Session 2.5

Yes, you do indeed start the next session with your current set of gear that is on your sheets!

Thanks for your feedback on the gameplay as well. I could not agree more!

Onderon Session 2.5

Thanks for the update, good read.

Just to tack on to what Glenn said too, I think you and Glenn as DMs are already pretty good about this but I wouldn’t always take what we say in game at face value, unless it’s obvious that was our intention, particularly if it would torpedo an interaction.

I know for me personally I have a difficult time spontaneously creating dialogue, takes me just about forever whenever I write it.

That said, I agree everyone should be more involved. We can also try to use advantage/threat/triumph/despair more narratively as well. The books in a way are a hindrance to that because they very clearly spell out mechanical ways in which results are used, but I’ve perused the SWRPG reddit forum and have seen some very interesting ways that people have put these to work, without getting super hung-up on the pure game mechanic aspect of it.

Onderon Session 2.5

Here’s an extreme example:

“One of my players in our AoR game rolled 4 triumphs on a leadership check. That’s like 1 in 20000 chance. He was trying to get some local police to help in a fight. i asked what he wanted to have happen, he said” They bring Jedi". The best part was, even though we haven’t had a Jedi yet, I was able to fake one up while everyone took a break to get ice cream. I love this system."

Top reply was:
“For 4 Triumphs? A Jedi is exactly what I’d have happen when they suggested it. Imagine they had a rogue survivor of Order 66 that the local police knew about but helped to hide from the Empire. But the pure earnest fervor of the Leadership check convinced these police that this cause was worth him coming out of hiding and joining the Rebellion as a recurring character.”

Onderon Session 2.5
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